Welcome to Funky Monkey Productions, where we have been producing quality benefit shows, selling our trademark logo merchandise, and providing funds for youth arts education....for over a decade now!

We are small by design, and driven to create simple and intimate shows that welcome fans and artists with open arms!  Everything we do is aimed at avoiding the "make a buck at all costs" approach many of our larger competitors employ!

At a Funky Monkey Productions show, everybody is a VIP!  The best seats go to those that get there early, and "who you are" is not quite as important to us as is "how you are"...... 

We continue with our passion of providing youth arts education and opportunities for young people to experience the arts.....We believe strongly that exposing young people to the arts helps build happier &  healthier adults!

In this often crazy world that we live in, the magic of music can be the "glue"  that holds young people together as they learn to cope & grow through the ups and downs life throws at them.... We believe music conquers darkness, and cultivates beauty...Sometimes when nothing else does! 

Young people are our future, and we intend to participate in creating the peace, love and acceptance that they will bring to us all!